Next Step - Learn to Crochet

So I had the wool, I had the hand carders, I had the spinning wheel, and I had started to make yarn. Now...what to do. I wanted to make stuff! I already knew that although I could knit evenly and fairly quickly, it was not my thing. So I started looking around at what others were making with yarn and I discovered that a lot of people were making AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL things by crocheting them...I wanted in. So I picked up the step-by-step booklet on how to crochet that my mother had and tried to figure out how to crochet...yah...haha, no. I am apparently not one of those people that can learn to do something with a all. Frustrated but determined, I figured "well, someone probably made a decent how-to-crochet video that I can watch so I can figure it out. Turns out, there are TONS of those kinds of videos and they are really helpful. Within a short period of time, I was crocheting. To tightly and very awkwardly, but still. I enjoyed myself a lot. It was relaxing and once I got the stitches learned, they came naturally. So between what I had already been learning, and now knowing how to crochet, I was able to start making things! The first things were cloths and simple things that took simple stitches and not much time. Then came socks, mittens, and simple hats. It was neat learning all the different patterns and being able to make practical things, but the real fun came when I started crocheting creatively designed hats and then finally, creating my own patterns.



It has been, and continues to be an interesting journey, thanks for sharing it with us,