Becoming The Narrow Way Crochet


I now knew all the steps it took to make all kinds of really beautiful things and I was enjoying making things for the kids as well as a few things for myself. Then I started having several people tell me that the things I was making were nice, and that others might like to have one of this or that for their own. With a little prodding and plenty of suggestions from the family and a few others, I decided it was a good idea. We made pages for the company on social networks, went to the post office to figure out shipping, and started putting together the website. Mom and I started making yarn ahead of time and talked to people we knew about what we were doing. Our first sale was awesome. A friend of ours liked one of the wool hats that I made for mom when I started making new patterns and purchased two, one for herself, and one for a good friend of hers. It seemed like it was that moment that the company finally started.

Now I work hard to find new and interesting patterns that potential clients will love and mom and I work together from spring to winter, doing different tasks in each season. Shearing is done in the spring and fall and washing is done primarily in the summer. Carding, spinning, and crocheting are done all through the year interspersed through the other daily tasks that need to be done on the farm. Lambs are born, sheep are milked, gardens are planted, clothes are sewn and beautiful products are made each in their turn, making this business part of our very blessed, very full, life on our farm.

Thanks for joining us in our journey,