The first time I laid my eyes on the property where we currently live, I though it was absolutely gorgeous. It had (and still has) things that needed to be upgraded or fixed or tidied up throughout the property, but it was so full of potential and considerably larger than our previous acreage.

I thought perhaps you would like to see a few pictures of the property, the creatures that live here, and a few pics of a few of us, enjoying the gift the Lord has given us. :)

A few pictures of the property, two shortly after we arrived the other two a while after.

Here are a few of the critters we have around the farm. The gecko we found under a wood walkway, and the kiddies (and adults lol) were so pleased to find him. :)




Enjoying our sheep :D


And here are a few more pictures that have been taken over the years.

It is such a great place for photography, which is great for a few of us who love to take photos. :)

Hopefully you have enjoyed this quick little tour of our oasis. God has truly blessed this place and it continues to grow and flourish.

Thanks for joining us on our journey,