So just over a week ago, we had a new little lamb born on our farm, and oh she is so cute :) She is our first birth this year and we are looking forward to many more beautiful lambies in the end of march! We decided to go with another spice name since her sisters name is Ginger, so she received the name Rosemary.

Here are a few pictures of our lovely little Rosemary.


And here is her momma and her big sister :)

It is always so exciting a couple days before the lambs are due, everyone checks on the ewes and goes out earlier than normal each morning, just in case they lambed during the night.

The morning I found Rosemary, we were thinking that Sasha (her momma) may not have been bred the first time and so we were going to let her back in with the other ewes until march when she would lamb with the others. To my surprise, a fluffy, long legged, black little bundle of wool was laying in the straw beside her mom. Right away she got up and started running around the stall, already so strong. She is quite friendly and has lots of energy. Little Rosemary will likely have the same chocolate brown wool as her sister, but will probably be taller than her sister as her legs are so long.

The weather has been so nice that she has been able to run around without there being to much ice and snow on the ground, which has been really great. There is nothing quite like having lambs born on the farm, not 500 meters from the house. We are able to check on them throughout the day and it is always such a blessing to see them jumping around the pastures :)

Thanks for joining us on our journey,