The first time our friends took the trek out to our farm, their little ones walked around the house, ran around outside with the kids, and met the animals laughing and having fun...normal kid stuff. What amazed me was the amount of interest and desire they had to see the process of making yarn, first hand. Their nine year old daughter and 6 year old son were particularly interested and wanted very much to be able to be allowed to card and spin the wool and see the products that could be made with the resulting yarn.

I've got to say, I was impressed. Such enthusiasm from small children! So I let them look at and feel the different kinds of wool, told them which wool came from which sheep, and then allowed them to card some of the wool. The smiles on those beautiful childrens' faces, just so cute. Then they packed up and went back home to their place in the city. I thought, well that was nice to see, and I thought no more about it.

Again they drove up to our place, their kiddies in tow. Can you guess what their daughter asked with a big smile? Can I card some more wool PLEASE?! I almost laugh just remembering that little face so looking forward to a task so unlike the many things that kids normally do.

Each time they come, wool and carders are on the brain and it is wonderful to see. It has become so therapeutic for me to card and spin and seeing others show interest brings a smile to my face. I got to thinking, maybe their daughter would like to try the drop spindle, so I took a bunch of wool, two sets of carders, and a drop spindle with me when we went into the city and put them into her little hands. Imagine my surprise when her friend that was at her house at the time exclaimed "This is so cool!" and got right into the wool with her. Two young girls sitting beside each other carding, just as happy as if they were playing barbies together. Incredible.

So the next time you think something artsy won't be interesting to your little one, give them a shot at it...they might like it way more than you'd think. :D


Thanks for sharing our journey with us