So I have run out of clean white wool to spin, now what? Well, onto a wash day of course :)

The first step is to figure out which of the white wool types I want. So I rummaged around in all the bags of dirty wool and found the one I wanted. Thick, dense, wonderfully creamy white suffolk wool was the choice. But it was not in any way white...more like yellow. Not only was it yellow from the lanolin, but it was full of dirt from her laying down in the pastures. So out came the wash bucket...and the soap...and the dirty wool.


Good and dirty eh?

Thankfully, the day was warm and the washing went very well. We use dawn as the soap for cleaning, and boy does it do a good job! Within two washes and one rinse and several hours in the sun, the wool was snowy white, soft, fluffy and clean...oh so clean. :)

First wash - Considerably less yellow, but not very fluffy...

Second wash and rinse - White fluffy and clean, YAY!

Each wash takes approximately 15 minutes. The water used is like clear lava as it needs to melt the lanolin, and we always keep our hands clear of the water in order to avoid burning ourselves. :) The wool is carefully pulled out of the water and placed on the piece of chain link fence that we use for draining, while we round up the next batch of hot water. Two to four washes are usually required to fully remove dirt, debris, and lanolin, and then a rinse to remove any remaining soap. Several hours in the sun, and TADA, done!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!