When we moved to this farm, there was a lot to be done. One of the things that needed immediate attention was on of the buildings on the property was falling apart. Like seriously, if you have ever seen a movie where the main character just escapes from a hundred year old building before it falls into match sticks, well yah. That's pretty close to how it was. :) Just kidding, but it was not at all safe to have up, so some friends helped us take it apart, and in the process all the boards that were more or less salvageable were pilled up into a couple of piles.

One of the piles has been sitting in an area that already had some old fence gates and other miscellaneous junk in it from before we got here, for about three years. The area has not really been needed in that time and there have been so so many other projects around the farm that required attention that we have just left the stuff there. Then, just the other day, it was decided that in order to make more room for our precious sheepies...the junk and wood HAD TO GO.

So today, that was my outside project.

First I backed the truck up and loaded board upon board, some of them being what I estimate to be close to fifteen feet, into the truck box, took it over to where it was to be stored, and went back for another load. Again and again until all those boards were outa there...not a quick job I can tell you that especially since tons of the boards were frozen to the ground or had three foot long grass holding on to them for dear life. :)


Next were the gates, seven or eight I think (hard to believe from the pictures eh?) I got my brother out to help with those as they are far too heavy to lift by oneself. So one by one we dragged them onto the back of the truck, stacking them carefully on each other so they would not come off as we drove. We stacked them with our stash of gates farther out on the property then drove back to deal with the wood stumps that lined the fences, though I didn't catch them in the images as most of them were behind me. The remaining bits of wood, plastic, and metal were picked up before I gave the whole place a good raking.

Now all that needs to be done is put up some fencing on the open side when the ground warms up and let the sheepies munch away at all the long grass. Oh happy day. :D

Thanks for joining us on our journey,