After learning a bunch of crochet stitches, making several crocheted patterns, and learning how to prepare the wool for spinning, I was at a place where I just wanted something new to do. It is great to make things that others have created, and to use the many colors of acrylic yarn that had been spun in a factory somewhere, but there was no real creativity involved and it wasn't really mine. So I made my first pattern. It was slouchy, with a comfortable stretchy brim, plenty big enough for an adult but also worked for a child...and the pattern was easy to remember. Soooo, I made several. In different colors and sizes, made some with pom poms, some with thinner acrylic yarn some with thicker acrylic yarn. It was great.

Rachel in cream hat.JPGslide_4.JPG

white and blue back.JPG

Anyway you get the picture...s

So it was really neat to be able to simply change the color, or add a pom pom, or use a different kind of yarn and be able to get all these similar yet distinctly different hats. But I had yet to make anything with the hand spun, 100% wool yarn that I wanted to make. Still, there really wasn't any reason for me to make anything out of the wool yet since I already had several hats sitting on a shelf...collecting dust...poor things. Then one day, my mother says to me, 'Could you make me one of those hats in the wool?' Well, now I had a reason to try this experiment.

So I got out my wool. Bunches and bunches of it.


Then I washed it, pulled the hay bits, sticks, and burs out of it, carded it into nice neat sheets, and voila! Ready to spin.

Now here's the thing; I already had some experience with spinning wool, but most of my efforts ended up looking like a scarf that has gotten stuck in the dryer and comes out with only a few parts of it looking like a scarf. So it was time to practice, practice, practice, and it was essential that I focused on making the yarn even and strong. The one good thing about having so many hours of time dedicated to sitting in one spot is that I was able to listen to many hours of the audio bible as well as listen to a few really excellent audio books. After countless hours of practice, and much time spent crocheting easy simple therapeutic patterns, trying to recover from stress headaches, I finally had workable yarn. Oh thank you Jesus.


After months of making a little bit of yarn at a time (and believe me, when you are a beginner spinner, it takes forever to spin a small amount) I finally created the beautiful hat that I now sell on this website. It was worth every headache, every moment of frustration and is something that I can truly say was a wonderful way to find some of the creativity I never thought I had.

Thanks for joining me on my journey,