Hi guys,

So sorry that I have not been posting for so long, things have been pretty crazy and hectic around here for quite a bit.

We just learned about a month ago, that our landlord is selling the property we are currently renting and so we have no choice but to move. For those of you that have moved recently, you know how hectic it can be. Because we are a family of nine and because we have livestock, the amount of stuff to get ready to move is enormous. Packing has been going on for a few weeks now, we put on a moving sale and have been making trips into Calgary, delivering start up items that we had been storing to families, and are still no where near ready to go.

On top of that, we may be going through a huge change. The land that we have been looking at is a province over, almost eight hours away and does not currently have a house on it. Because of that, we may be living in an RV until we can build some housing, which will affect my ability to process the wool from the sheep...crazy different from where we are currently living. Moving there has not been set in stone, and we are still seeking God's will, but it is a possibility. If you are willing to pray for us, please do, as a move like this will greatly affect our lives.

I have gathered a few photos for you all that I have taken during the years that we have been here, some newer, some from when we just moved here. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!