Wool Yarn

The wool yarn we create is made by hand, first by shearing the fibers off our sheep, then washing them, carding them, then finally spinning the strands together. We do occasionally dye the wool with natural dyes as we love the beautiful colors that come from the natural sources. Most often however, the colors are completely natural. Because we raise more than one breed of sheep, we are able to have many different kinds and colors of wool. Icelandic sheep, which have two different kinds of wool, have one part of their wool growing long and thick and the other part growing shorter and extremely soft. We also raise a suffolk cross sheep which grow a very strong thick wool, some of my favorite wool to spin. With the different kinds of wool that our sheep produce, I mix and pair up different colors, thicknesses, and strengths to get unique, beautiful yarns that then go into the items that are crocheted for you.

Here are the available Icelandic yarn colors currently.

* Letter B is a white wool dyed with red and yellow onion skins. If you would like a lighter version of this color or a pronounced light to dark yarn of this color, simply request it with your order.

** All of the yarns except for C will have slight natural tonal variation from light to dark due to the fleeces varying slightly in color from one spot to another.

Natural lighting on Icelandic wool yarn

Inside lighting (with flash) on Icelandic wool yarn

Inside lighting (no flash) on Icelandic wool yarn