Meet a few of our wooly friends!

Sasha, our beautiful multicolored ewe, provides much of the color and variety found in some of the strongest and most well liked yarns that we create.



Buckwheat, our big dark ram gives us the lovely rich chocolatey colored wool that adds flare to some of our most unique yarns.


Meet Winter, one of our friendliest most lovable icelandic sheep. The wool she and her kind produce is soft light and durable, making it a wonderful addition to all kinds of yarns.

Ginger, our first baby born on the farm has the same chocolate color wool as her father which is soft and beautiful.


Skittle, our sweet icelandic ram, produces a light, almost creamy colored yarn that is ultra soft and makes a nice addition to bulkier wool yarns.

Misty, one of our first sheep to make our farm her home, has thick white wool which grows 6 inches or more long each year giving us lots of bulky white wool to add to our beautiful yarns.