Cute Sheepies - 100% Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3


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Try these cute 100% wool dryer ball sets from our locally and ethically raised sheep! Comes as a set of 3.

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$15.00 per 1

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Weight (Ounces) Approx 1 oz
Color Multi-colored, White, Grey, Orange, Black

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Dryer balls are a great substitute for dryer sheets if you are transitioning to a healthier, more chemical-free lifestyle. Use three or more of these beauties in a medium load of laundry to speed drying time, evenly dry clothes and soften towels and other items. If you like your clothes to have a bit of scent, try adding a few drops of essentials oils!

These 100% wool dryer balls will last for many many loads and will not unravel like dryer balls made from wool yarn and unlike plastic dryer balls, these wool dryer balls will not clang around in your dryer.

These dryer balls are made with undyed wool with the exception of the orange wool which is dyed with onion skins. Dryer balls sets will come on a variety of colors unless you specify a particular color in your order.

Comes as a set of 3.